Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tea: Is it a fruit?

I don't think this is tea!!! Image credit:

What are fruits, really?

Fruits are what fruit snacks are made out of, I think, sometimes.
When I buy fruit snacks I don't often look at the package, but I have some recollection that there are "grape" fruit snacks. Or, at least, grape-ish fruit snacks. And if I remember correctly, grapes are fruits. Or nuts. Or fruits. I think they are fruits.

I think my mom told me tomatoes are fruits.

My mom is always saying all kinds of things, and I'm rarely paying attention - more often I'm eating tomatoes. But one time, I think, she was all like, "That's a fruit!" And I was like, "huhhh?" And she was like, "Hey." And I was like, "Mom are you stoned." And she was like, "Huhhhhh." (correction: she was like, "Uhhhhhh")

Fruitcake: the next fruit?

Fruits are dope, tea is dope. Are they the same?
Is tea really "tea juice"?
I don't think so! But maybe!
Should we ask a scientist?

If tea tries really, really hard it might be a fruit.
Anyone can achieve anything if they put their mind to it.

Hey y’all, welcome to another POEMHACK! I am IN NEED of some more poems to look at! If you’re wondering, “Should I send Donald a poem?” the answer is yes! If you’re wondering, “Is Donald gonna tear my poem up and make me feel like shit for a couple days?” the answer is probably not! Unless you write an “Ode to Hitler” or an “Ode to Stalin” or something!* (source: queen mob's teahouse) 

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