Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's piss people off! Being annoying 101

Today we're going to learn how to annoy people!

The basics:

  • Set their shoes on fire
  • Set their car on fire
  • Eat all their food
  • Eat their children
  • "To drive your enemies before you"
Advanced annoyance:
Say "blah" after everything they say. It's sure to be a hit! (Correction: it's just annoying)
Use background color on all your blog posts!
Play Youtube videos all day every day \

Over on Slashdot Japan, there is a discussion about what magazines people still read (Google translation of Japanese original). Japanese people still tend to read a lot of periodicals, while in the west readership seems to be in decline. Do you read magazines regularly, or at all? Are websites a good substitute, or do print publications still offer something worth spending your cash on?"


These are annoying lilies