Monday, March 2, 2015

Pig Butt & Jelly Sammiches - Haute School Lunch

School Lunch Sucks and Everybody Picks on me

The only good thing is the noodles

This is where I want to live, away from everyone
I hate chicken why is there always chicken? It smells like feet. The only thing that's at all edible is the noodles, and I have to put ketchup on them to stomach them. 

Why don't I have any friends

Kids are so stupid, I wish I lived in France or Hawaii. I think people might be nice elsewhere, but here they suck. I think sucky kids grow up into sucky adults and have more sucky kids.

I just want to die I wish I was never born

My Parents have More Money than Your Parents

Maybe I will get a pony when I get home today

My parents have been hinting that since they love me so much they want to buy me a pony. I bet your parents don't love you that much, Jenny. 

Also, your parents are ugly

They don't love you

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Fuck You, George, I Don't Even Like Your Smelly Face


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