Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bee Pollen: It's Not Just Poop!

this is possibly a bee

What is Bee Pollen if it's not turds?

I don't know!

Seriously, I have no idea. It tastes sweet at first, and then it's turds. I do not want to eat it anymore. I wish I hadn't chosen this as my topic.

It has something to do with flowers.

I think bees fuck flowers??, or something. It is like pornhub but also like David Attenborough. (sp?)

(Signs will be posted about using the elevator, but contact Donald at 734 730 9348 if the task seems impossible)
Free! Bring snacks & drinks to share, & a dollar or two to help defray the cost of renting the roof of a tall building for summer evening breeze.
Gorgeous (some say shimmering) words by: (link to the source text)

Health benefits of bee turds

It makes you live forever

You will be like the Highlander, roaming the world in search of other immortal heads to sever. Steal their bee pollen! Become the chosen one! Eventually, be all alone, you sad sack. (edit: an astute reader has alerted me that I'm a total fool (for love!))

You are become a GOOOOOOODDDD

What can even hold your interest anymore? After the eightieth universe you create, it loses its thrill. After the eightieth universe you destroy, it loses its thrill.

Cower, mortals, cower!

Things that are not bee pollen

Golf balls
Other large, round objects