Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Murder a Taco: Muerte y Comidas

This is what yr soft taco shd look like

Soft Tacos

Be tender!

Soft tacos are easily scared. You don't want all that adrenaline in their tortilla muscles harming the taste. Be tender! Give it a little rub before you stick that axe in its forehead.

Speak softly

It's creepier when you speak softly. This will increase your sick pleasure, while simultaneously keeping your victim-taco unaware of its terrible fate.

Mood music

Hard Tacos

  • Use some lime on that shizz
  • Crunch crunch crunch
  • "Blood.... everywhere...."

For when one wants to work with NO DISTRACTIONS but is maybe one's self a distraction to one's self; well, you need this fella. I maybe have slightly more love for his now-defunct Emeralds project, but Mark McGuire's solo stuff has accompanied the writing of things, the grading of things, and the cooking of things this year. Not recommended for the drawing of things, unless you're really really really into drawing. Why? Fuck you is why. (from spare the)

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