Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Kill a Hangover Using Things Already in Your House

So last night you thought it would be a great idea to do 18 shots in honor of your 18th birthday, which was more than 12 years ago. Then you chugged a pitcher of green beer, even though St. Patrick's Day was four months ago. Then you smoked two packs of cigarettes. Then you did another shot. Then another. Now you're fucked.

How you should have prepared before drinking

1. You should have eaten! aofi haeo ihsdog ihsdg oih
2. You should have drank water, pre-game with agua, biatch!
3. You should have left your credit card at home.

What to do now that you find you didn't prep

1. Eat greasy food.
2. Go back to sleep!
3. Smoke a bowl and sit on your stupid couch, you lazy fuck.

afuio haodfi ha asdogih adgoih

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